I am now running classes from my studio in Altona.  This is something that I have been meaning to organise for quite some time.  I am offering six different types of Mosaic workshops all focussing on something different, including an Open class where people who have done courses with me before, can just come and work in an informal, fun group completing a mosaic of their choice with my help and guidance.

‘The classes are taking place in my outdoor studio which is accessed through a gate at the side of the house.  There is no way of knowing that this is the entrance to the studio, so it was time to create a sign.

I needed a sign that reflected the kind of mosaics that I create, funky and colourful are the two words that spring to mind, so I drew different kinds of letters until I was happy with the various styles.  I didn’t want them all to look the same.  I then drew them onto cement board and began mosaicking them in black glass.  I used a black glass gem and some black and white mille for the ‘dot’ of the I.



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