This piece is finished and I finally feel ready to continue with the mosaics I really like doing.  Its been a long hiatus, since about last September when I lost my mojo and have just been doing pieces for the garden that I don’t have to think about.  But its time to move on, lots of ideas are circulating, and I can’t wait to get started.

Meanwhile, though I am still working on the mosaics that were created by members of the public during my last two Open Studios.  Images to follow, but I am going to grout today and hopefully arrange installation in the next few weeks.

Now its time to decide where Beach Babe will go.

Beach Babe 130cm x 50cm 52 x 20 inches glass, mirror and gems over cement board

Beach Babe
130cm x 50cm
52 x 20 inches
glass, mirror and gems over cement board


After a couple of weekends of Open Studios, it is finally time to get back to work on my stuff.  So, the Beach Babe, I had left on the surf board, but I wasn’t liking the effect.  Have decided instead to place her on a panel and save the surf board for something else.  I have loads of blue and bluey-green vitreous glass so that seemed the obvious choice, given my New Years Resolution of ‘stop buying so much glass’.  Here is she is partly done.  What do you think?

Beach Babe wip 3

Beach Babe wip 3


The gallery that represents me called the other day to tell me that someone had just purchased Ruby.  Very happy about this as you can imagine.  The news came just after a successful Open Studio.  A lovely sunny day and lots of happy people browsing around the gardens, viewing the 100 or so mosaics on display.  The community mosaic got started, a funky flower for the courtyard of an Aged Care Facility.  Another Open Studio this Saturday, where hopefully it will be finished.

RUBY H 97 cms Glass over hand formed substrate Image HONEphotography

H 97 cms
Glass over hand formed substrate
Image HONEphotography


This weekend I open my doors to the public between 10am – 2pm, Sunday April 6th.  If you are in Melbourne let me know and I will send you the address.  This is a rare chance to browse around the mosaic filled gardens looking at over 50 pieces, mostly sculptural.  Book in a workshop, ask questions and help out on a community mosaic, which when finished will brighten the courtyard of an Aged Care Facility.  Hope to see you there.


This week has been wild for exhibitions.  I have set up two Lizard exhibits, put Fusion in the Flower and Garden Show and Rosaic in the Art in Public Places foyer exhibit.  I also have two Open Studios coming up on April 6th and 12th, if anyone is in Melbourne, let me know and I will send you detaikls.

Here are some pics of the lizard exhibitions.  They were inspired by my time living in Indonesia, where geckos were a part of life – running behind pictures on the wall, shrieking to eachother from the plant pots and sometimes falling off the ceiling onto laps.  My lizards, however, are well behaved and make perfect pets whether inside or out.

They are $150 Aus dollars and can be sent to any country.

The first pic is at Les Fleurs Florist on Railway Street, Altona and the other three are form Melissa’s cafe on Pier Street, Altona.

Les Fleur Florist AIPP 2014 Melissa's AIPP 2014 2 Melissas AIPP 2014 3 Melissas AIPP 2014


Fusion is the marriage of natural with man-made.  The steel and glass mosaic flowers sit delicately on the found driftwood lending an ethereal look to the piece.  The driftwood is secured to a base of red gum log.

I installed this piece at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show this week, and yesterday the exhibition opened.  It is expected that over 125,000 visitors will attend the five days.  Yesterday, I worked on the Sculpture Walk asking visitors to vote for their favourite for the people’s choice.  Fusion looked great surrounded by all the autumn leaves and huge trees.  But, guess what?  Although I charged the camera battery the night before, I left it in the charger and arrived at the show with an empty camera!!  So here is a gallery shot of Fusion instead.  Imagine the leaves.

Detail shot in previous post in the Freestanding album.

FUSION H 190cm approx Glass, steel, driftwood and red gum

H 190cm approx
Glass, steel, driftwood and red gum


This is a big week for exhibitions.  On Saturday morning I installed Fusion at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show and this afternoon I will install 2 x Lizard Lounge exhibits in Altona.  On Friday I will install Rosaic, my mosaic armchair in the Council Foyer.  After that I will be getting ready for my two Open Studios in early April.

All classes have just finished at the studio and classes at the college end this week.  I am looking forward to April where I can finally work on my mosaics again.  Here is a sneak preview of Fusion.

FUSION detail glass, smalti, mirror and driftwood

FUSION detail
glass, smalti, mirror and driftwood


So continuing from Monday’s post, the surfer chick is finished, but now where to put her.  I have a large yellow surfboard which is crying out for something to happen to it.  It is no longer used in the water, so I set her up on it and am thinking.  I had intended to do a wave like abstract on the board and am not sure I like the girl on there.  The idea is great but hmmm……




BEACH BABE wip H112cm (44 inches)

H112cm (44 inches)

Needing some relief from geckos, I started a surfer chick, wanted a kind of silhouette so am doing this with no real idea of where its going or what its for.   I just needed something to mosaic that I could zone out from before new sculptures begin.  Am working on mesh so I don’t need to decide much at this stage.  Have used the most gorgeous creamy glass for the bikini in a mixture of matt, irridescent, textured and shiny with insets of bisazza silver (she is a designer babe).  Black glass in palladianum placement for the body.  Working on her has been very meditative.


I just found out that my sculpture Kat has been accepted for the Toorak Sculpture Exhibition which is held in Melbourne each year throughout May and June.  There are usually around 90 sculptors involved and we are each given a business window, am waiting to hear where Kat will go but I am thrilled, as this exhibition attracts lots of entrants and is in a cool, fancy suburb.  Its about time Kat left my studio for a while or hopefully forever.  Keep your fingers crossed.

If you want to see image and all the wip shots if you missed my incessant blogging about her, find her in the album KAT.  But here is a close up shot.